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          Bob’s Jewels and Gifts offers jewelry items such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that are hand crafted by me in my home studio. I have been working on my craft for over 20 years now and have directed my style with the idea of serving the needs of women’s fashion jewelry for work, “dress-up,” and just everyday occasions.

           I feature a selection that ranges from quietly elegant to simple fun, always keeping good taste and comfort first and foremost.  My handmade selections are unique, and I’ve received many compliments from my customers over the years.  Ladies have told me they wear my jewelry and only mine (music to my ears!).
             Bob D'Amato

           My jewelry has been worn at Champion Square Dance finals, ballroom dancing competitions, many bridal parties, quinceaneras, and recently even a White House ladies’ function.  I believe this attests to my variety in style and taste.

           My “gift” selections are items acquired mostly through my travels and I feel they are items not generally found, so I buy them and bring them to you.  Among some of my recent acquisition are reproductions of vintage pieces and some exquisite crystal tiaras.  Also, I’m very proud of my unique handmade lanyards, rosaries and key chains.

           Shortly, I’ll have pictures on this website that will feature many of the pieces I’m talking about so that you can find that certain something that strikes you as a must-have.

           My prices are competitive, and my work is guaranteed against defects or failure to meet expectations.  Plus, you are free to contact me if you have any questions or special requests.   My e-mail is checked daily, and I’m always happy to speak with you.

           While this site is being constructed, please visit my other website:

Bob D’Amato


May, 2014